About TFFFCU Resources

Where do you go to get answers when you need them?

We comparison shop now for just about everything. The Internet, and the web, makes it easy, educational, and rewarding. When it comes to finances though many people feel they should already possess a basic financial literacy, so they feel embarrassed about just how in the dark they really are about money matters. We may be afraid to ask questions because we're afraid of looking dumb. There is an unreasonable sense that “everybody else” is in on the secrets of how to get ahead in life and that “I” missed it. It is unreasonable because “everybody else” feels that way too. The problem is systemic, chronic, and quite harmful. But there is a cure. We refer to the solution as “closing the gap.”

What’s the gap? It’s easier to answer by what it would be like if there were no gap. If there were no gap: (1) everybody would be well enough informed in order to make responsible financial decisions; (2) everybody would have access to the tools and resources necessary to accomplish the financial tasks at hand; and (3) everybody would understand how to develop and preserve wealth. So what we're really doing is seeking the cure by closing the gap.

Ordinarily we think of education as something that one obtains in schools, but as we are all aware, our schools do a notoriously poor job at preparing young people for financial planning or even handling their personal finances responsibly.

We here at TFFFCU are people just like you. We need to know the same kinds of information as you do to make responsible financial decisions. We appreciate that there is a gap and that we can play at least a small role in the community to help close it.

What do we do?

  • Our people are here to help you personally.
  • We try to make our products more beneficial to you and your family than those provided by for-profit financial institutions.
  • We re-invest retained revenue into benefits for members rather than into bricks and mortar.
  • We try to think how to bridge the gap in creative ways — such as some of those you will find as you explore the Resource section of our site.

Enjoy, and enjoy learning!